A Sound Mixer/Recordist and Comms Engineer, I have worked on a varied range of genres including dramas, format shows, music videos, factual documentaries, commercials, corporate web-casts and music promos.

"A Sound Recordists prime function is to make sound recordings in sympathy with motion picture, of outstanding quality, free from interference and all unwanted noise. This sounds relatively straightforward, but can often prove challenging. As a Supervising Recordist I strive to provide soundscapes that enhance the filmmakers' story and enable the filmgoer to believe that they are immersed in the story with the characters. Recording and experiencing sounds from all over the world increases my knowledge and capability to select and create the best sound effects for the film."

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The name Phonomorphics has its roots in Ancient Greek and literally translates to ‘Sound Shaping’.


Below is a taste of some of the productions I’ve been involved in spanning Natural History, Documentary, Observational, Entertainment, Current affairs, Lifestyle, Music Videos, Drama & Childrens;

Call Of Duty

I have worked for the major game launches and broadcast shows from Euro Gamescon for the Call of Duty franchise now going back to Black Ops. This is a great team (that I feel proud to be part of) who work long and hard and never fail to deliver a fantastic product. From rig of a complete studio to working PSC on the night to de-rig and move out this is one-of-those jobs that reminds me why I do this.


Another great gig for me, from going to Glasto as a punter I have for several years now been doing the location sound for the BBC Rf cam. Basically I capture the sound for the live links introducing some of the acts, perhaps taking a presenter to experience some some act or place within the festival in a bid to bring the festival to those who didn't get tickets.

Great British Menu

Coming from the infamous Great British Menu Kitchen. I've been part of the sound team now for years. Long tough days are rewarded on this job with some tit bits of some of the best food produced in the country!

TopGear Live

I worked on a few stunts and presenter led intros as well as some promotion for the world famous Top Gear Live show.Fast cars and fireballs etc always challenging but fun!

In The Night Garden

Cutting my teeth all those years ago in the thankless role of comms engineer. This job was so ahead of its time technically. We were utilising fibre optic technology long before it became the norm in OB's. I was responsible for implementation of a Clearcom system integrating with lectrosonics Iem's, panel mounted comms (on and off site) and Motorola Gp radios. Regular trouble shooting founded a set of skills and knowledge I still use as a soundman to this day.

Five News Live

Several times a year I'm part of a special team who deliver live OB's from all over the country. We concentrate on such themes as the NHS, The Scottish Referendum and the General Election. Not my usual type of work but doing live is always special and the team I work with are always fantastic.

BBC Hogmanay Live

This was a big gig, treated as a large BBC OB. I was between the HD scanner covering Comms (Reidel, RTS & BTR) as well as being a trouble shooter and assistant to the sound team in BBC 3's 'Sound 3 Scanner'. We had no less than 7 soundies in varying roles as well as the fine team from Glasgow's 'The Warehouse' PA company.I was with the main unit at the Fruit Market in Glasgow taking feeds from Edinburgh's Princess Street and the Castle, Stirling Castle (Deacon Blue), Inverness and Stonehaven (the fireballs).Great team, great set-up and with Phil & Ally at the heart of it, was a really good gig.


Working on Horizon has taken me the length and breadth of the country cover such intriguing topics as Alcoholic monkeys to Quantum Physics. This is my kind of work, listening to interesting debate on fascinating topics whilst making some really stylish episodes. Is it any wonder it’s been going for over 50yrs?!


A Spanish/UK co-production, this was an amazing experience and one I’m very proud of. Initially I had suspicions to why I may have been hired (as one of the only UK crew on-board whilst filming) however quite apart from some interesting language interpretations I had a really great time with the (mainly Catalan) team. Indeed having repaired most of their cables and equipment (my TX training coming to the fore) I also enjoyed a fruitfully creative opportunity as the 2nd Unit Mixer. There is always a certain magic present when working on 35mm…


Below are details of my standard PSC kit as well addtional equipment I can provide.


  • SQN5s/Sound Devices Mixer

  • MKH416 or Scheops CCM41 Boom Mic (c/w Rycote/Cinela)

  • Two Micron Radiomics c/w Sanken Cos-11 or DPA 4060 lapel mics.

  • Battery support, cables and a multitude of accessories.

Extra Kit

  • Extra Radiomic kits

  • Separate sound multi-track recording facilities

  • Wireless Hop

  • Comms/Playback Solutions (Directors IEM etc)

  • Timecode Solutions

  • Stereo Mic


Telephone: +44(0)7887770074
Email: Kenny@Phonomorphics.co.uk

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